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Social Media Policy


Blue Lake Chrysalis


Blue Lake Chrysalis is a community of volunteers who have their own personal social media accounts. Individuals are free to post what they deem appropriate to those accounts and in no way reflect the position or beliefs of other members of the community. This policy sets guidelines for social media and online posting to protect individual rights and to protect minors.

Respect Confidentiality. No photo, video, or audio may be taken of Conference Room team members, pilgrims, or caterpillars during the 72-hour Chrysalis weekend. This respects the confidentiality of those attending and ensures a place of complete confidentiality. This corresponds with the Chrysalis Board manual policy on photography.

Respect the Model. The Chrysalis weekend model is a 72-hour period away from the “world.” This includes checking and posting social media. Team members should not interact with social media during a weekend.

Outside the Conference Room. Visitors and volunteers are encouraged to take photos and videos of what happens behind the scenes during weekends. Posting to social media is also encouraged on personal accounts. Permission of those in photos must be verbally received before posting online. You must take proper care not to purposefully or inadvertently disclose any information that is confidential to the weekend.

Minors. Adults may not post photos, videos, or names of anyone under 18 years of age on the Internet unless parental permission has been granted during the Chrysalis weekend. Minors as posters are not subject to this rule.

Respect other volunteers and visitors. Since your site is a public space, we expect you to be respectful to the facilities and other community members in regards to social media.

Respect Copyright. Do not use the Upper Room logos for Chrysalis on your site or reproduce printed material without first obtaining written permission from the respective copyright holders.

Inflammatory Comments and Situations. Anything deemed negative or controversial posted to the Blue Lake Chrysalis social media accounts may be removed and redirected to the Community Lay Director for direct response. A blanket statement will be posted in place: “This/The/These comment/comments has/have been respectfully removed and forwarded to the community board chairperson for proper response and resolution per policy.”


Presented to Blue Lake Chrysalis Board on ___May 30,2015____

Approved by the Blue Lake Chrysalis Board on __May 30, 2015______



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