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Blue Lake Chrysalis Safe Sanctuaries Policy




Physical abuse occurs where a person intentionally causes bodily harm to a child, youth, or at risk or vulnerable adult. 


Emotional abuse occurs where a person speaks violently or cruelly to a child, youth, or at-risk or vulnerable adult, or otherwise exposes a child, youth, or at-risk or vulnerable adult to violence or emotional cruelty. 


Neglect is abuse which occurs where a person endangers the health, safety, or welfare of a child, youth, or at-risk or vulnerable adult by failing to act in a reasonable manner.   


Sexual abuse occurs where an adult or another older or more powerful youth has sexual contact with a child, youth, or at-risk or vulnerable adult. 


Governing body refers to the Blue Lake Chrysalis Board of Directors. 


Serving Area is the assigned location/position volunteers are serving in for the event weekend.


Adults are all persons who have attained the age of 19, including clergy. Adults must have an annual background check completed prior to serving on Flights or Journeys.


Youth are all persons under 19 years in Alabama.


Common Areas are locations within Blue Lake that are visited during normal progression of the Flight or Journey weekend event.  Locations include the conference room (pinewood gym), dining hall, Lane Building, and visible locations surrounding these buildings.


Visual and physical access means either an open area, open door or door with a window that provides a line of sight enabling the adult to see into a room or other building space and to see fully outdoor sites where covered activities or events take place. 


Covered activities for purposes of this document include all planning meetings, Flights, Journeys or other Blue Lake Chrysalis planned events. 




Two adult rule is a core principle regarding the supervision required for covered activities and overnight events. 


  1. This rule means that a minimum of two adults who are not related to each other should be utilized in all Chrysalis events. 

  2. However, when unfeasible to staff at buildings and outdoor areas with two non-related adults, there should be at least an additional adult serving as a floater with visual and physical access to all areas where such programming occurs. 


Rule of Three is a core principle regarding youth of opposite sex serving, working, socializing or "hanging out" together.


  1. At no time will two youth of opposite sex be allowed to be alone outside the common area.

  2. When youth of opposite sex are outside the common area they are required to be in a group of three.


Room sharing / Cabin Monitor limits means that adults lodging with youth during overnight events:


  1. Adult must be the same gender as the youth.

  2. Adult must be 23 years old or older.

  3. Adults must not be alone in a lodging room with a young person at any time. (one on one)

  4. Adults must not share a bed with a young person.

  5. Immediate family member or guardian room sharing exception means that an immediate family member or guardian of a young person who is chaperoning an overnight event is permitted to share a room with his/her child no matter the gender as long as no other young people are sharing the room. 


Travel outside Common Area. When travelling outside common area, youth will notify and request permission from the adult responsible for their Serving Area prior to departing. 




For the sake of Blue Lake Chrysalis Flights and Journeys, transportation to and from Blue Lake Camp is done privately and the responsibility of the attendee. 


At no time throughout a Chrysalis event will a youth transport other youth. 




If an attendee has suspicion or a concern that abuse has occurred, they should report this to the background monitor or board representative if the background monitor is not available.  Discussion should include the spiritual director. 


Child abuse reporting requirements and procedures for the states of Alabama and Florida and a list of child abuse intervention resources are provided in this section.   


Alabama - Alabama’s mandatory child abuse and neglect reporting law states that all school teachers and officials, social workers, day care workers or employees, mental health professionals, members of the clergy as defined in Rule 505 of the Alabama Rules of Evidence, or any other person called upon to render aid or medical assistance to any child, when the child is known or suspected to be a victim of child abuse or neglect, shall be required to report, or cause a report to be made of the same, orally, either by telephone or direct communication immediately, followed by a written report, to a duly constituted authority.  When an initial report is made to a law enforcement official, the official subsequently shall inform the Department of Human Resources of the report so that the department can carry out its responsibility to provide protective services when deemed appropriate to the respective child or children. 


Florida - All cases of suspected abuse must be reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline.  Initial reports should NOT be made to the county/local branch of the Florida Department of Children and Families.  The Florida Abuse Hotline may be reached at 1-800-96-ABUSE.  Reports may be faxed in; however, the preferred option for the Florida Department of Children and Families is for persons to call the Florida Abuse Hotline and talk to a Hotline counselor. 



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