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Blue Lake Chrysalis Operating Procedures


The name of this Community will be The Blue Lake Chrysalis Community, hereinafter referred to as the Community.



The purpose of the Community will be to develop, challenge, inspire, and equip Christian youth for Christian action in their homes,
churches, schools, and communities through the Chrysalis experience.

The Community is affiliated with the international Emmaus and Chrysalis programs of Upper Room Ministries, Nashville, Tennessee, a copy of the Letter of Agreement with the said Upper Room Ministries is available on request and/or attached hereto as an exhibit.



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All persons who have completed a Chrysalis, Search, The Walk to Emmaus, Cursallo, Tres Dias or similar weekend may be considered members of the Community


4.1. Purpose

Direction of the Community will be vested in a standing committee of the Emmaus Board of Directors that serves as the Chrysalis Board.

4.2. Composition (Revised by Board Vote on September 17, 2016)
The Chrysalis Board will consist of no fewer than twelve (12) and no more than eighteen (18) elected members, Three (3) of which must be clergy, and they will serve as Spiritual Directors. The chair of the Chrysalis Board shall be counted in this Number. The standing committee may call itself the “Chrysalis Board”. The Community Spiritual Director(s), if not an elected member, also serves as an ex officio member of the Chrysalis Board. Ex officio members of the Chrysalis Board may consist of Community Spiritual Director, Treasurer, Registrar, Website/Internet/Communications, and Emmaus Liason.
          A. Ex officio members of the Chrysalis Board shall be members with voice and vote but are not counted as part of the elected board numbers.

. Terms of Office (Revised by Board Vote on September 17, 2016)

Chrysalis Board members will be elected by the Community in three (3) classes. Each class will consist of Three (3) adults serving for a three-year term; One (1) Clergy serving a three-year term. Two (2) youth serving a two-year term. The youth position on the 3rd class remains empty due to the two-year term.

          A. Chrysalis Board members cannot succeed themselves in consecutive Three (3) year terms.

          B. Terms of office will begin on January 1 and will terminate December 31, except for officers, who will serve until election of new officers as provided in 4.5.

          C.  Any Board member missing 3 meetings without prior excuse given to the Chairperson in advance of missing said meeting shall no longer be considered a member of the board with vote and voice.

4.4. Officers
Officers will be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Spiritual Director; in case of absences, meetings will be chaired in this order.

4.5. Election of Officers

The Chrysalis Board will elect officers annually at the First meeting of each year for a one-year term. Newly elected officers assume their duties at the close of the first meeting of the year. Officers may be elected to succeed themselves, however, The Chairman may serve only a one (1) year term. The vice-chair can be elected to succeed the chair at the end of his/her one-year term. (Originally revised in Oct 2007) (Chair term was discussed but never approved to serve up to 2 years)

4.6. Meetings

The Chrysalis Board will meet at least 4 times per year at a time and place that it designates and that an advance notice of at least 10 days is given. All meetings are open to any member of the Chrysalis community except for such meetings that would involve confidential discussions of minors.

4.7. Quorum

Six (6) members of the Chrysalis Board present at a duly called meeting will constitute a quorum.

4.8. Treasurer

The Chrysalis Board will elect a Treasurer annually upon nomination by the chair. The Treasurer can be an elected member of the board and may succeed himself/herself in office, or the Treasurer can be an ex officio member of the board.

4.9. Registrar

The Chrysalis Board will elect a Registrar annually upon nomination by the chair. The Registrar can be an elected member of the board and may succeed himself/herself in office, or the Registrar can be an ex officio member of the board.

4.10. Website/Internet/Communications

The Chrysalis Board will elect a Communications Coordinator annually upon nomination by the chair. The Communications Coordinator can be an elected member of the board and may succeed himself/herself in office, or the Communications Coordinator can be an ex officio member of the board.

4.11. Emmaus Liaison

The Chrysalis Board Chairperson will serve as the Emmaus Liaison to the Blue Lake Emmaus Board. In addition to the Chrysalis Chair serving as a Liaison the Blue Lake Emmaus may also appoint a Liaison from their board to serve on the Chrysalis Board. This person would serve an ex officio member of the board.

4.12. Special Meetings

Special Chrysalis Board meetings may be called by the chair or by a written request to the chair by seven members of the board. Notice of special meetings must be given at least 10 days in advance.

4.13. Vacancies on the Board

Upon nomination by the chair, the Chrysalis Board may elect persons to fill vacated terms. At the next election for that class of members, persons filling vacated terms are eligible for election to a full term on the board. The names of the persons to fill a vacancy shall first be considered by drawing from the list of those running in the prior community elections but not elected.



The Chrysalis Board will appoint persons annually to chair the following standing committees:

     A. Team Selection

     B. Treasurer

     C. Registrar

     D. Website/Communications

     E. Agape

     F. Newsletter

     G. Nominations

     H. Rush/Hoots

The Community may use Emmaus committees as needed. The chair of the Chrysalis Board will be an ex officio member of all the Chrysalis committees. The Chairperson may allow the Vice-Chairperson to fulfill any position in their place on any of the committees. The committee members and committee Chair shall serve 1 year, but may be re-elected for up to 3 years except were noted in 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 above.

The Team Selection committee shall serve One year. The members of this committee shall consist of the Board Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, The community Spiritual Director or appointed clergy substitute, One Adult from the Board to serve as chair, one youth and one adult not on the board and Two board members.

The Nominating committee shall serve One year. The members of this committee shall consist of the Board Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, The community Spiritual Director or appointed clergy substitute, and the outgoing class of Board of Directors.



The Community will follow the guidelines of The Upper Room International Chrysalis program in the formation of Chrysalis events.

. The Chrysalis Board will have general oversight in all matters pertaining to the Chrysalis event.

The Chrysalis Board will choose the Lay Directors for each Chrysalis event at least one (1) year prior to the said Chrysalis three-day event. The Lay Director, with the Team Selection Committee, will choose persons to serve as team members for each three-day event.

The Chrysalis Board, with the advice of the Community Spiritual Directors, will choose the Spiritual Director for each Chrysalis event at least one (1) year prior to the said Chrysalis three-day event.

. The Chrysalis Board will approve all persons recommended to serve on a Chrysalis event team before said persons are invited.



These operating procedures will take effect immediately upon approval by the Chrysalis Board.



These operating policies, and the procedures that follow are to be reviewed every 3 (three) years and updated to reflect changes in the community makeup and changes as directed by the International Emmaus and Chrysalis and the Upper Room, Nashville, Tn.



Proposed amendment(s) to these operating procedures may be presented in writing to the board secretary or Chairperson by any member of the board at least one (1) month in advance of consideration at the next regularly scheduled Chrysalis Board meeting. The said proposed amendment(s) must be voted in the affirmative by 75 percent (three-fourths) of the total membership of the board. A copy of the amendment must be printed in the newsletter and/or website and a copy must be attached hereto.


Blue Lake Chrysalis Community Policies


1. Each team member will pay their share of the cost of the weekend. This includes all meals and sleeping quarters and is based on the current Blue Lake rates and community add on. (This amount is subject to change annually by Board Action) See Addendum 1 on page 8 for current rates.

     1.1 “Everyone is expected to pay their share of working a weekend. All payments need to be received by Housing no later than Saturday night of the flight but preferably prior to the weekend. It is suggested that all conference room team members should pay prior to the weekend to avoid any disruption of the conference room. Note: No funds for a weekend are deposited until the week following a flight. Anyone who fails to pay for their weekend by the end of a flight will not be permitted to work another flight until all past fees are paid in full and any future flights are paid in advance.” (1.1 Approved by unanimous vote on July 30, 2016)

2. Closing on Day Three will be open to all parents and clergy of participants, regardless of whether they have attended a Walk to Emmaus type of experience.

3. The Community and sponsors will not single out a participant or team member to receive personal agape during the weekend. This helps avoid bad feelings among the participants and team.

4. Only agape letters will be placed in manila envelopes. Personal agape gifts will be given to participants’ sponsors to be presented to the participant after the three-day event concludes.

5. Youth over age eighteen or who have completed high school will be encouraged to attend a college-age (Journey) weekend or an Emmaus Walk. However, a special Participant Review Committee—comprised of the Community Spiritual Director, chair of the Chrysalis Board, and Registrar—can evaluate such a case and allow an applicant to attend a Chrysalis weekend.

6. Youth under the age limit for Chrysalis (those who have not completed ninth grade) will be encouraged to wait until they are sophomores in high school, but they can also be evaluated on a special case basis as stated in number 5 above.

7. Only the Conference room team and participants for the weekend may be in or near the Conference Room or Chapel during the chapel services.

8. Other members of the Community will be discouraged from loitering in or around the building during the weekend.

9. All team members are encouraged to attend at least 1 of the team meetings for the weekend. If unable to attend either meeting the team member may be asked to resign from the team at the discretion of the weekend Lay Director with advice from the Community Spiritual Director, weekend Spiritual Director, and the chair of the Chrysalis Board.

10. Members of the Community will not address the group gathered for Candlelight or Closing without prior approval of the Chrysalis Board.

11. Participants may not arrive later than thirty minutes from scheduled starting time, nor may they leave and return during the three-day event without prior approval of the Chrysalis Board.

12. Support team members under the age of 19 may not leave Blue Lake during the weekend without the approval of the Board Rep and/or Background Coordinator, or prior arrangements made with member’s parent. Additionally, they must have a valid notarized medical form on file at any time they are working a weekend. These forms are valid for 1 year from date of notarization.

13. Support team members as well as conference room team 19 and over must have a valid background check in place prior to working a weekend. These forms are valid for 1 year from date the scan is run. Each person is expected to complete the authorization and submit payment in advance of the weekend so the Background check can be run.

14. Entertainment

     A. Entertainment at mealtimes will come from the conference room team and participants of the weekend, not from the Community, with the exception of Saturday Dinner on Day Two. This entertainment will be arranged by the Saturday Night Entertainment committee. A special song may be sung by a member or members of the Community at Closing with the prior approval of the Chrysalis Board Representative serving on the team, the Lay Director, and weekend Spiritual Director.

    B. The planned Banana Split Party and Breakout after Candlelight will be for Conference room and participants. Background team may attend the Breakout. No one else may attend this event. This is to be announced at Candlelight of each Flight to the Community.

15. Any report or allegation of sexual harassment or abuse shared with a team member must be reported to the Spiritual Director of the weekend, the Community Spiritual Director, and/or the Community Lay Director.

16. All persons in the conference room and background team are expected to abide by the Blue Lake Chrysalis Social Media Policy. A copy of which is posted on the Blue Lake Chrysalis website and attached hereto as exhibit A.

17. At Closing, the weekend Spiritual Director will present to the Lay Director a Speaker Cross from the Prayer Chapel on behalf of the Chrysalis team, Board, and Community.

18. The treasurer is to present a statement to the Board at each regularly scheduled board meeting, and/ or at least quarterly. In addition, treasurer is to present an income/expense report following each Flight.

19. All funds received for a flight, or any Chrysalis event are to be deposited no later than one (1) week following the event.

20. Minutes are to be completed, reviewed and posted within one (1) week following each Board meeting. This will allow the board to review before the next meeting so any corrections can be entered.


Policies and Procedures presented to the board on: December 12,2015

By a unanimous vote of the board present The Blue Lake Chrysalis Policies and Procedures were Approved on: December 12, 2015.


The following rates are effective August 1, 2016.

$150 – Candidates (any applications already in hand will remain at current rate)

$130 – full weekend

$230 – full weekend Oakwood Single

$165 – full weekend Oakwood Double

$245 – full weekend Linwood Single

$175 – full weekend Linwood Double

$130 – full weekend Camper

$25 – Campers per night

$10 – per meal for Part-time workers

$25 – per night Pinewood

$65 – per night Linwood Single

$40 – per night Linwood Double

$60 – per night Oakwood Single

$35 – per night Oakwood Double

Approved by board online vote July 30, 2016




Exhibit A


Social Media Policy


Blue Lake Chrysalis

Blue Lake Chrysalis is a community of volunteers who have their own personal social media accounts. Individuals are free to post what they deem appropriate to those accounts and in no way reflect the position or beliefs of other members of the community. This policy sets guidelines for social media and online posting to protect individual rights and to protect minors.

Respect Confidentiality. No photo, video, or audio may be taken of Conference Room team members, pilgrims, or caterpillars during the 72-hour Chrysalis weekend. This respects the confidentiality of those attending and ensures a place of complete confidentiality. This corresponds with the Chrysalis Board manual policy on photography.

Respect the Model. The Chrysalis weekend model is a 72-hour period away from the “world.” This includes checking and posting social media. Team members should not interact with social media during a weekend.

Outside the Conference Room. Visitors and volunteers are encouraged to take photos and videos of what happens behind the scenes during weekends. Posting to social media is also encouraged on personal accounts. Permission of those in photos must be verbally received before posting online. You must take proper care not to purposefully or inadvertently disclose any information that is confidential to the weekend.

Minors. Adults may not post photos, videos, or names of anyone under 18 years of age on the Internet unless parental permission has been granted during the Chrysalis weekend. Minors as posters are not subject to this rule.

Respect other volunteers and visitors. Since your site is a public space, we expect you to be respectful to the facilities and other community members in regards to social media.

Respect Copyright. Do not use the Upper Room logos for Chrysalis on your site or reproduce printed material without first obtaining written permission from the respective copyright holders.

Inflammatory Comments and Situations. Anything deemed negative or controversial posted to the Blue Lake Chrysalis social media accounts may be removed and redirected to the Community Lay Director for direct response. A blanket statement will be posted in place: “This/The/These comment/comments has/have been respectfully removed and forwarded to the community board chairperson for proper response and resolution per policy.”


Presented to Blue Lake Chrysalis Board on ___May 30,2015____

Approved by the Blue Lake Chrysalis Board on __May 30, 2015______





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