Blue Lake Support Team Reservation

Please check the box next to each night and meal you will be sleeping / eating during the flight. After you submit this form we will send you an invoice for your weekend costs. We now have a PAYPAL account set up for those who would like to pay with a credit card or bank account. You do not have to have a 'PayPal' account to use this option. Of course you can still pay with a check or cash at a team meeting.

We request that all weekend feed be paid no later than your arrival at Blue Lake. 


Select where you would like to stay. Youth must stay at Pinewood. Adults can stay at Pinewood, Oakwood or Linwood (when available)


Please mark the meals you will be eating.

Other Items

Check off any other items you may need.

Once you submit the form it will be transmitted to the housing coordinator for processing. You will then receive an invoice with what you will need to pay.

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